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Plasma hazardous waste treatment system

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1. High temperature, fast decomposition speed, high-efficient decomposition of hazardous waste under high temperature, all infectious viruses and other toxic and harmful substances will be decomposed to achieve complete non-toxic and harmless.
2. The exhaust gas treatment with plasma treatment device as the main part can be greatly simplified.
3. The electric heat conversion efficiency is as high as 90%.
4. Clean, safe and pollution-free. The plasma treatment system uses electricity, water and air instead of coal, oil and gas.
5. There are very high advantages in the control of dioxin. According to the test of national environmental analysis and test center, the emission of dioxin in flue gas completely conforms to the national standard.
7. Simple operation, fast start and stop, fully automatic control. It is especially suitable for the control and operation of quick start and frequent start required by high-risk waste disposal.
8. Plasma is used for disposal of various types of hazardous wastes with high efficiency.
9. It has a wide range of applications and can dispose of various types of hazardous wastes.
10. Using plasma to dispose of waste has good social and economic benefits.