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Power supply of plasma generator (high power arc torch)

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Power supply of plasma generator (high power arc torch)

120-200kw power cabinet

150KW plasma generator in operation

Basic principle of plasma:
We know that with the rise of temperature, the existing state of matter generally presents the transformation process of three states: solid, liquid and gas. We call these three basic forms the three states of matter. When the temperature of gaseous matter rises to several thousand degrees, the gas molecules will be ionized due to the aggravation of the thermal movement of the material molecules and the collision between them, so that the matter will become free transport We call the fourth state of matter, plasma, the state in which positive ions and electrons move and interact to form a mixture. Its temperature distribution ranges from 100k low temperature plasma to 108-109k (1-1 billion ℃) ultra-high temperature nuclear sudden change plasma. The plasma we use is arc discharge, that is, hot plasma. In the actual hot plasma generating device, the arc discharge between cathode and anode makes the incoming gas ionize, and the output plasma is jet like, which can be used as plasma jet or plasma flame. Specifically, we use the DC discharge method on the electrode The polarity of the applied voltage is constant in time. One side of the positive potential is anode and the other side of the negative potential is cathode. When the applied voltage of the electrode reaches a certain value, the working gas between the electrodes is ionized to form a mixture of positive ions and electrons, which is ejected out of the generator port at a high speed to form a plasma flame. At this time, the flame has a high enthalpy, and its core temperature can reach 10000 ℃ ~ 20000 ℃, and the outer flame part can reach 3000 ℃. It is the high temperature, high enthalpy and other characteristics of arc discharge plasma that have been selected as one of the technologies for harmless treatment of various industrial toxic and hazardous wastes by foreign advanced countries, and have been gradually widely used.
The power varies from 25 kW to 250 kW. When air is used as working gas, the continuous working time can reach 30 hours. When nitrogen is used as working gas, the continuous working time can reach more than 100 hours. It is stable and reliable, which paves the way for the industrial application of arc plasma generator. It should be noted that the non transfer arc plasma generator is suitable for any form of industrial waste, regardless of whether the treated material is solid, liquid, gas and whether it is conductive or not.
Main features of series plasma generator and supporting power supply:
1. The generator has a long service life and a single electrode can reach 300 hours;
2. High efficiency, multi anode structure;
3. The installation is convenient, and the installation size can be adjusted according to the user's requirements;
4. The power supply adopts full inverter design;
5. The efficiency of power supply is high, up to 90%;
6. The power supply has small volume, small interference to power grid and high power factor of about 0.95;
Technical parameters:
1. Multiple output power options
30kw 50kw 70kw 100kw 120kw 150kw 200kw 250kw
2. No load voltage
3. Working voltage
4. Stable current output mode, with stability less than 1%
5. High frequency arc striking, automatic arc turning
6. Full digital control and analog control (to be selected by the user)