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Digital DC power supply

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Main purpose:
It is used for DC high voltage power supply of high voltage pulse modulator, high energy gas ion source, acceleration power supply of high energy metal ion source, and other fields requiring DC high voltage power supply.
Main features:
1. Full switch power supply technology, small size, high efficiency, convenient control and adjustment.
2. The output voltage is small, which can achieve stable voltage and current output, and can be continuously adjusted
3. It has overcurrent, overvoltage, overheating and short circuit protection. Automatic arc extinguishing recovery function
4. It has remote control interface, RS485 communication with Modbus communication protocol and DSP chip control.
5. It is easy and convenient to operate with the number keyboard.
Main parameters:
Working voltage: 1kv-50kv.
Output power: 1kw-50kw.
Stable working mode: steady current or steady voltage mode.